ddk.#2 BRUSSELS - BOZAR - 23.06.2016



© Diana Markosian

In fall De Donkere Kamer returned with a double edition: two locations with the same program. 


On the 30th of October De Donkere Kamer took place at C-Mine in Genk

On the 31st of October De Donkere Kamer traveled to the Stadsschouwburg in Mechelen


Headliner of the evening was Diana Markosian. She discussed her series on Cuba, which won a World Press Photo Award this year. Frederik Buyckx joined to present his project ‘Horse Head’. Furthermore Lara Gasparotto showcased her new book ‘Solstices’. Also Sigfrid Eggers was present to talk about his year-long reportage following cycling team The Wolfpack. As usual, Stijn Meuris treated the audience to a spoken column based on a photograph.



Diana Markosian :


Diana Markosian is an artist known for her experimental approach to storytelling, using photography, video and historical ephemera to explore that which no longer exists. Her work is both conceptual and documentary and can be found in publications like National Geographic MagazineThe New Yorker and The New York Times. She holds a Master of Science degree from Columbia University in New York.

Frederik Buyckx :

In his personal work, Frederik Buyckx seeks the tension between beauty and danger that he experiences in nature and is prepared to go a long way for it. With his series 'Horse Head', the Antwerp photographer has won the Limaphoto Prize for Belgian documentary photography. The winning series shows images that the photographer made in Kyrgyzstan. Horse Head is about the semi-nomadic lifestyle in Kyrgyzstan which centres on horses.


Lara Gasparotto​ :

With Solstices, Lara Gasparotto creates her most personal book. Images that appear, intimate and very close to the artist. Yet you don't get the feeling that you are voyeuristic. Lara walks in her own biotope and captures in her unique way how her generation moves and what she feels. From Brussels to Ukraine, from Congo to Liège. From winter to spring, from autumn to summer. In one movement, the poetic images take you on a trip, more topical than ever.


Sigfrid Eggers :

Photographer Sigfrid Eggers offers a unique view behind the scenes of a top cycling team in his latest book. The Quick-Step Floors Cycling Team cyclists describe themselves as 'The Wolfpack'. With their Belgian roots and international appeal, they bring the victories together. The past season was the impressive highlight of their success. Close to the rider's skin, you can relive the fantastic highlights of a year of professional cycling. Never before has a cycling team been followed so intensely. This book is the sequel to the already immense popular first book.

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