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ddk.#2 BRUSSELS - BOZAR - 23.06.2016



©  Michiel Hendryckx

On the 21st of December De Donkerste Kamer took place at Concertgebouw in Bruges.


Headliner of the evening was photographer Pieter ten Hoopen. He spoke about his latest project, ‘Migrant Caravan’ which won a World Press Photo Award in 2019. Ten Hoopen was accompanied by Jimmy Kets, who discussed his career as a photojournalist at De Standaard. Furthermore, Iranian-Belgian photographer Mashid Mohadjerin presented ‘Textile in Resistance’. Michiel Hendryckx analysed his new book ‘Nog Altijd Ergens’ and Eric Rinckhout reviewed the exhibition ‘Present’ by Vanfleteren. As usual, Stijn Meuris treated the audience to a spoken column based on a photograph. Musical intermezzos were performed by Geoffrey Burton.


The pitchers were Davis Benoit, Koen Schrije and Pieter Jan Meuwissen. The overal winner of the evening was Pieter Jan Meuwissen.

Pieter ten Hoopen:

With the series The Migrant Caravan, Dutch-Swedish photographer Pieter ten Hoopen won the first World Press Photo Story of the Year. The project is about a caravan with about seven thousand Central American refugees, including at least 2300 children, who are trying to get to the border of America. Today ten Hoopen teaches photojournalism and storytelling globally on a wide variety of photography institutes.

Michiel Hendryckx:

Michiel Hendryckx is not only an admired photographer, he also turns out to be a gifted writer. With this double talent, he has been travelling weekly to another place for a picture and a story for DS Weekblad for more than eight years. In his compact texts, the author gives a lot of information but also dares to be romantic like no other. The new edition to the sequel ‘Altijd ergens’ is ‘Nog 'Altijd Ergens’, which he will discuss at De Donkerste Kamer.

Jimmy Kets:

Jimmy Kets talks about his years of experience at De Standaard as a press photographer, especially how he keeps himself sharp after he has photographed almost everyone that matters. He creates images that transcend the purely documentary and acquire a metaphorical meaning. Kets' photography is characterised by a touch of surrealism and humour, a strong sense of colour and attention to meaningful details.

Mashid Mohadjerin:

With the Iranian-Belgian photographer Mashid Mohadjerin, De Donkerste Kamer welcomes someone who has been intensively involved with images all her life. In 2009 she touches the world with a photo of boat refugees. This resulted in winning the World Press Photo Award. The protesting power of no-slogan fabrics are the central focus of her latest project ‘Textile as Resistance’.

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