ddk.#2 BRUSSELS - BOZAR - 23.06.2016


© Ad van Denderen

On December 21st De Donkere kamer headed to Concertgebouw Brugge for a special winter solstice edition: De Donkerste Kamer, the world according to darkness.

The main guest of the evening was Dutch documentary photographer Ad van Denderen. He presented the project 'Stone'. Ad van Denderen was not the only photographer in our midst. Belgian Magnum photographer Carl De Keyzer was present to discuss his latest book and expo on North-Korea. Tomas Van Houtryve, American photographer and member of VII Photo Agency, presented the project 'Blue Sky Days' and young Belgian talent Zoë Parton talked about her series 'Sofie'. Eric Rinckhout introduced the audience to the 'Ecce Homo' exhibition and Rudy Trouvé provided musical intermezzos.

The pitchers of the evening were Natacha de Mahieu, Anneke D'Hollander and Karel Saelaert. The overal winner of the evening was Natacha de Mahieu. 


Ad van Denderen​:

Dutch born photographer Ad van Denderen studied at the Graphic school of Utrecht. In 1965 he traveled to Asia by lifting his way to Turkey, Israel, Iran, Pakistan, Nepal and India.  He wanted to see the world and photograph the daily lives of the people. In the 1990's, van Denderen travelled to Israel where he photographed the situation at the time. At first he photographed in purely black and white but as the years went on he changed to color photography. The point of the change was to show the difference between the documentary style  and the distance color can create.


Carl De Keyzer:

Carl De Keyzer recently traveled to North Korea where he, with permission from the North Korean government, photographed the daily lives of the inhabitants of North Korea. He traveled with a travel agency in Beijing which made sure his trip was possible. Taking photographs in North Korea is generally frowned upon and thus respect is crucial. De Keyzer's images are not confronting, but rather euphemistically. Officially, De Keyzer took pictures for the travel agency's website. As a result he was able to visit places many times to fully take advantage of the experience.  


Tomas Van Houtryve:

Tomas Van Houtryve is a conceptual artist, photographer and author whose major works interweave investigative journalism, philosophy and metaphor. Blue Skye Days, that is the name of the project Van Houtryve introduced to the DDK public. The name stems from a 13 year old boy who was witness to his grandmothers tragic death. At a US Congress hearing in Washington D.C. in October 2013, the boy tells about the fact that he no longer loves blue skies because when the sky is gray, the drones don't fly. 


Zoë Parton:

Belgian photographer Zoë Parton studied Pre-School Education at the Katholieke Hogeschool in Leuven. In 2011 she studied Art Sciences from the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven. Her photographs are inspired by an unfortunate incident, the passing of her sister. She prefers to photograph things based on feeling and creativity.