ddk.#2 BRUSSELS - BOZAR - 23.06.2016


© Koos Breukel

On the 8th of November De Donkere kamer takes place at C-Mine in Genk.


Frank Raes and Nicky Aerts will moderate the event. The headliner of the evening is the Dutch portrait photographer Koos Breukel. He will be presenting his new series and book, called Zoon, which is on show at Huis Marseille in Amsterdam.  Breukel will be accompanied by Lieve Blancquaert. She will be discussing her new project Last Days, in which she investigates age and death globally. Furthermore French photographer Camille Picquot speaks about her exhibition Domestic Flight and Bjorn Tagemose will give as an insight in his fashion and commercial photography world. In addition Eric Rinckhout discusses the new book by Cas Oorthuys. And, as usual, Stijn Meuris treats the audience to a spoken column based on a photograph. 


Koos Breukel:


Dutch photographer Koos Breukel is well-known for his outstanding portraits. For the last eighteen years, Breukel photographed his oldest son Casper. This has resulted in a series of intimate and sometimes moving portraits, which not only depict Casper in various phases of show his life, but also reflect the bond between father and son. This expo called ‘zoon’ is currently on show in Huis Marseille in Amsterdam.


Lieve Blancquaert:

Belgian photographer Lieve Blancquaert combined her passion for photography and documentary in human interest photography projects. Her last triology tells a story about the three great moments in a human life: birth, love and death. The last part - called Last Days - tells the story of how we grow older and say goodbye to life. Blancquaert takes you with beautiful images and moving stories through different cultures, religions and rituals.


Bjorn Tagemose:

Bjorn Tagemose is a Belgian-Swedish international internationally known fashion and stage photographer, director and visual artist. He is mainly active in the arts, rock and fashion industry and has extensive experience in shooting campaigns and directing commercials and films.​ Tagemöse has worked with some of the greatest artists on earth, among which Grace Jones.


Camille Picquot:


Young Belgian photographer Camille Picquot has been building steadily on a steady oeuvre that consists of both film and photography. She keeps moving on the thin line between truth and fiction by alternating staging and coincidence. This results in an absurd universe full of excitement and unexpected turns. Her latest exposition in Antwerp Fotomuseum shows three photo series: Domestic Flight, Total Ground and Images du dedans, and the film Hollow Hours which was awarded a VAF Wildcard in 2016.

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