ddk.#2 BRUSSELS - BOZAR - 23.06.2016


© Noemie Goudal

The second edition took place in BOZAR (Brussels) on the 23rd of June as part of the Summer of Photography festival.


The evening was moderated by Edie Peters, founder of PhotoQ, and journalist of the arts, Anna Luyten.


The guest speakers of the evening included French photographer Noémie Goudal, Belgian photographer Bert Danckaert and Belgian photographers Tine Guns and Arno Roncada. Stijn Meuris, singer, author and philosopher, treated the audience to one of his expressive spoken word performances. In addition to the artist talks the evening included guests announcing several exciting photographic events and upcoming exhibitions. 


The pitchers were Simon Lenskens, Roxana Pop and Pauline Niks. The overal winner of the evening was Simon Lenskens. 


Noemie Goudal:


French artist Noémie Goudal graduated from the Royal College of Art in 2010 with an MA in Photography. She lives and works between Paris and London. The work she elaborated on at this DDK, "Stations," was an investigation into photographs and films as dialectical images, wherein close proximities of truth and fiction, real and imagined offer new perspectives into the photographic canvas. Goudal determines the potential of the image as a whole, reconstructing its layers through landscapes’ installations.



Bert Danckaert:

Belgian photographer Bert Danckaert has been working as a photographer and has shown his work in several solo and group exhibitions in both Belgium and abroad. This DDK, Danckaert presented his book "Horizon," which focuses on the urbane urbanism of walls, street corners and footpaths. His signature mystical minimalism makes way for humor and vivacity.

Tine Guns:

Ghent-based artist (Belgium), Tine Guns, uses mediums such as film, photography and installations to explore human perception, memory, and the fragmented notion of time in the human experience. We took a look at some of her most recent works, talking starting points, intentions and the challenges of capturing an evolving reality.


Arno Roncada:


Belgian photographer Arno Roncada works with photography. Enrolled in a lifelong learning program, he is a self-taught photographer, after also having studied at an academy. This DDK, Roncada’s latest project, 'Closer to Serenity', is about the development of satellite cities in Africa, currently a hot topic. Roncada, however, is examining the subject in a less obvious way, focusing on the visual rhetorics within this new form of urbanity.

DDK #2

© Sebastian Steveniers