ddk.#2 BRUSSELS - BOZAR - 23.06.2016


© Dana Lixenberg

On December 15th, the fourth edition of De Donkere Kamer was hosted at the C-Mine Cultuurcentrum in Genk.


Edie Peters, founder of PhotoQ, and journalist Anna Luyten, moderated the evening. They talked with Brussels-born photographer Sébastien Van Malleghem and local photography talent Marco Mertens.


This edition included Dutch photographer Dana Lixenberg who discussed her photography and film project “Imperial Court,” a project 22 years in the making on the L.A. neighborhood of the same name. Belgian Magnum photographer Carl De Keyzer presented his latest book ‘Higher Ground’ (the follow-up of ‘Moments before the flood’),  demonstrating what the world may look like after The Flood. Stijn Meuris entertained the audience with his expressive spoken word performance.


The pitchers were Boumediene Belbachir, David Denil and Sybren Vanoverberghe. The overal winner of the evening was Boumediene Belbachir. 


Sébastien van Malleghem:


Sébastien van Malleghem's work, Nordic Noir, does not simply capture the nordic countries. No, in fact, Nordic Noir aims to show a poetic side to those countries where colors seem to disappear. Van Malleghem demonstrated that where colors disappear, life becomes tougher. It's a survival struggle, either against or with nature.  


Marco Mertens:


Maro Mertens started his photography career as a rock photographer; he was asked to photograph the likes of Madonna, The Rolling Stones and Pearl Jam. After a few years he expanded his photography to portraits. Both celebrities and not were his subjects in exchange for one thing: they had to tell their stories. In 2016 he won the Nikon Press Photo Award and since 2010 he has been Leuven’s City Photography ambassador. 


Carl De Keyzer: 


Belgian photographer, Carl De Keyzer introduced the public at this DDK to his book "Higher Ground" which is the sequel to his work "Moments Before The Flood." His work aims to shed a light on the very real situation of global warming through virtual and surrealistic images.  


Dana Lixenberg 

Dutch photographer Dana Lixenberg studied photography at the London College of Printing from 1984 to 1986. She pursues long-term projects with a primary focus on individuals and communities on the margins of society. This DDK was no different. For more than 20 years Lixenberg spent time in Los Angeles photographing the toughest ghettos, including "Imperial Courts." 

DDK #4

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