ddk.#2 BRUSSELS - BOZAR - 23.06.2016


© Donald Weber

The ninth edition of the De Donkere Kamer took place on the 26th of October in C-Mine Cultuurcentrum, Genk. 


Frank Raes, VRT announcer, and journalist Anna Luyten moderated the evening. The main guest of the evening was Donald Weber, World Press Photo Award winner. He presented his project ‘War Sand’. Belgian photographer Frieke Janssens discussed her book 'The Sweetest Taboo'. Koen Broos, known for his portraits in the world of theater and publishing, discussed a new body of work. Limburg-Dutch photographer Chris Keulen, curator of FOAM (Amsterdam) talked about his latest project and presented the new exhibition on André Kertész. And, as usual, Stijn Meuris treated the audience to a spoken column based on a photograph. 


The pitchers were Jonas van der Haegen, Jonas Vrancken and Irminia Lentjes. The overal winner of the evening was Irminia Lentjes. 


Donald Weber:

Canadian photographer Donald Weber focuses on the effects of world power. His goal is to discover the relationship between the parties through his photography. In 2008 he joined the VII Network and in 2013 became a full member. His project, War Sand, was a search for the dramatic events which occurred on the 6th of June in 1944, D-Day. Weber began his project in Normandie, after having lived for 10 years in Ukraine and Russia. Weber doesn't focus his work on the remembrance ceremonies, but rather, he traversed the beaches looking for interesting samples to photograph. 


Frieke Janssens:

Belgian born photographer Frieke Janssens first found her bearings in photography when she attended evening-school photography classes. Her work, The Sweetest Taboo, aims to show people parts and places that many may not want to visit. Taboos are the overriding factor in Frieke Janssens’ work. They are what drive her and make her photographs stick. She wants her images to shock people, to show people they can't control everything. 


Koen Broos:

Koen Broos studied photography in Antwerp. From the get-go Broos' photographic career focused on author portraits and theater photography. He collaborated with several cultural institutions and companies.  From 2008 onwards, Koen Broos exposed his autonomous work, which was portrayed in C-Mine in Genk, Galeria ASVS in Porto, the Bourla Theater in Antwerp, Kaaitheater in Brussels, Workplace in Antwerp, Elim Art in Kapellen, Flachlandfestival in Berlin and at several private places.


Chris Keulen:

Dutch-Limburg photographer Chris Keulen works on long-term projects resulting in exhibitions, books and publications. His work has taken him to destinations as far as Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Sénégal, Rwanda, Guatemala, Eritrea. However, he has also shot pictures closer to home in The Netherlands, Italy, Belgium and Germany. He has also won two World Press Photo Awards.